Frequently Asked Questions

We are the premier providers of year-round adult coed sports and events for in northern New Jersey. The league is geared for adults who want to stay fit, active, and social… Oh did we mention SOCIAL!? We provide the venue, professional sporting equipment, officials, schedules, team jerseys…all you have to do is show up and join the 3,000 + local members already having a BLAST on a weekly basis!

NJCS is a 21 and over league. We allow 20 year old individuals to participate if they will be turning 21 during the season which they are registering for. Please be prepared to show your I.D upon request. “I have my I.D in my car” will always mean you are not 21 to management.

Individual and Small Group Registrations

Most of our registrations are composed of individuals and small groups of friends and co-workers. Most often, we are able to place everyone who registers on a team together. Registering early definitely increase the odds of getting on a team since we use the first come, first served method. In the event that you cannot get on a team, we will offer you a credit good forever or full refund. When registering with friends, please put each others names in the “comments” section of the registration screen.

Ex: “Hi I want to be placed on the same team with John Doe and Mary Smith”. John and Mary will each do the same when they register.

US Military Veterans and active personnel receive a 15% discount on all leagues. please email us for requirements. 

When you register for a league with NJCS, you will always receive an email anywhere between a week to ten days with complete season schedule, team information, and all of the particulars you’ll need to know for the season. One of the best ways to stay in the know, is to friend us on Facebook at

So you checked out the league of your choice and decided that you want to be “The Captain”. It is rewarding to be the leader of your team and there are some great perks that come along with the gig. Here are two: You get your name engraved on the “Cup of Champions” in case your team wins finals. You get perks like 50% off at times during the year.

Ok Captain, here is what you need to know:

If you decide that you can recruit most of the players required to participate in a certain league which we are hosting then you can be a team captain. Ex: 6 v 6 Volleyball league requires a minimum of 7 players on a team. If you can get a least 5 players to commit, you can choose to be captain by “registering a new team” under the registration page. You will also get to name the team under the registration page. Most of the time, once you have 5 people committed, we can help you with the recruitment process or your teammates can always pick up and extra person or two to help. Communication with us is key to make this work!

Once you become a captain, your responsibilities are simple. Keep your team motivated and informed via one weekly email the night before or morning of each scheduled game to assure you will have a full team at game time. If you are missing people, this will give you and your team time to arrange for substitutes “sub” or “guest players” to fill in. See rules on using SUBS in League Policy section. If questions arise, communication between team captains and league management is encouraged.

Every league we run has a deadline to register which can vary from 10 to 15 days prior to the commencement of the season. If the deadline is not posted, go by the 10 to 15 day rule. If online registration are still open, then there is still a chance you can get in. We will do our very best to place you on a team however it is important to know that we place early registrants first.

Complete season schedules are posted 1 to 3 weeks before the start of each the season. Schedules will never change once they are posted unless a game is rescheduled due to weather cancelation. Your schedule times will vary each week between league hours. So if we run kickball from 7pm to 9pm, some of your games will be at 7pm and some at 8pm. The schedule is always correct and available here:

We will always try to make up games when possible however there are a few exceptions. Heavy rain can almost always ruin Softball fields. We will make every attempt to book extra field time to make these games up when possible. A total of two attempts total will be made to finish out a spring or summer softball (meaning the scheduled playoff/finals date and also a make up date) and three attempts to finish out a fall season or any leagues played on grass (meaning the scheduled playoff date and two additional attempts). In the rare event a season cannot be finished, the 1st place team will be awarded the championship. The prize will be the bar tab amount credited evenly among player’s NJCS accounts.

Due to “no rain date” policy at Morris County Parks, any games played on turf, will not be made up. Turf is made to be played on during rainy weather. Rain will almost never postpone a game. We have had some great, memorable games in the rain.

Thunder and lightning however will almost always cause delays and cancellations that will most likely not be made up on turf leagues.

We will use the 30 minute rule when it comes to thunder and lightning. Fields cannot be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder requires play to be suspended. Fields must remain clear for 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lighting is observed.

Can I get a refund after I register?

Yes. However no refunds for registrations will be given within 10 days to the commencement of the season. Before the 10 days, refunds will be given only if a suitable replacement is available such as a friend who can perhaps take your place. Once they register, you can get a refund. Once a league has begun, there will be no refunds.

Credits can always be given to participants that are get hurt prior to the start of the season or during the season. A doctor’s or hospital note and proof must be submitted to receive credit for unplayed games. This credit will never expire. Registration fees are not transferable.

Please email for requests. Refunds and credits will be issued within 10 business days of receiving request. Refunds by credit card will be subject to a transaction fee of up to $10.00 to cover processing fees.

At times, we like to offer league discounts, bar tabs, or prizes at the end of the league to season champions in good standing (see league policies). Each team has 6 months to claim their prize from the date they earned it. League discounts can be claimed up to a year.
No. NJ Coed Sports creates the perfect social setting for members after all games. We love to share a beer or three after the game but at our local sponsored bars; never during the game. There are times when we host events with an alcohol permit so that we can all enjoy a beer responsibly at a game or event. We are all adults and will always be responsible for our own actions. NJCS reserves the right to eject intoxicated individuals and anyone acting inappropriately from any of our leagues or events without a refund.

You can be bad girls and boys all you want! What is life if you’re not being “bad” however it’s all about being “cool” when you are participating with NJ Coed Sports. Nothing better than having a great time, playing the sports we all love, and enjoying life. No one is here to play for the world cup and no one is here to put up with “attitude”. At the end of the day, all that matters is the friendships you make along the way and not the scores. Please see League Policies for further information.

You can purchase gift certificates to give as gifts. Once you purchase one, you will receive it via email. Gift certificates are good for 1 year from date of purchase.

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