League Policies

These policies extend to all leagues and events.


NJCS is about fun and maintaining good sportsmanship is a must at all times.  Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate by NJCS may result in penalties ranging from suspensions to ejections from a game or the league.  Fighting will not be tolerated.  Fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the league.  Intimidation, harassment, and/or using foul language while addressing other players, organizers, or game officials will almost always result in ejection from the game or league.  NJCS will determine the level of punishment and no refunds will be issued to any member ejected from the league due to their bad behavior.  If you believe someone on your team or another team is not practicing good sportsmanship contact us.

Weather Cancellations

If games are going to be cancelled due to weather conditions, cancellations notices will be sent by email.  You can also check www.njcoedsports.com which will have updated cancellation information.

We will make every attempt to reschedule any cancelled games; this may not be possible under certain circumstances. Games played on turf field will most likely not be made up.


No refunds for registrations will be given within 10 days to the commencement of the season. Before the 10 days, refunds will be given if a suitable replacement is available. Please email us for refund requests.  Refunds will be issued within 10 business days of receiving request. Registration fees are not transferable.  Refunds by credit card may be subject to a transaction fee of up to $10.00 to cover credit card processing fees. Once a league has begun, there will be no refunds. In the event of a state or county closure within 10 days to the commencement of the season or during our season, we will give all members who have registered for a league full credit for unplayed games. The credit can be used for any sport when we return to play. Sports are not going away, neither will your credit on monies paid.


Teams, small groups and individuals, who register EARLY are almost always able to participate in a given season. Signing up as a free agent, or in a small group when the league is almost full does not guarantee you will be placed on a team. Logistically we are sometimes unable to place everyone on a team; of course we will do our best to do so.  If we cannot place you on a team we will notify you at least 48 hours before the league starts to explore other options as we have leagues starting every 8 to 10 weeks. We can always credit your account or gladly issue you a refund within 10 business days.  All registrations are ‘first come first served.’

Team Captains

Although league officials have the final say, only team captains can dispute calls with the referee.  Team captains must report forfeits and keep teammates informed with all updates pertaining to the season.


It is the team captain’s responsibility to notify NJCS 12 hours before the start of the game if their team must forfeit. Regardless of notification, if a team forfeits at all during the season, the team will:

  • Enter the playoffs in 4th place in the event the team makes the playoffs.
  • In the event that the team wins the finals, the team will also forfeit their team bar tab if there is one offered.
  • (See Team / League Abandonment.)

Team Bar Tab / Championship Prize

NJCS loves to reward league champions! At times, we like to offer league discounts, bar tabs, or prizes at the end of the league to season champions. Each team has 6 months to claim their prize from the date they earned it. League discounts can be claimed up to a year. There are times where a team can forfeit their bar tab/prize: If a team forfeits a game during the season. If a team has a serious sportsmanship infraction during league play. Teams not meeting “player minimum” ex: 7 players is player minimum per team for indoor volleyball but a team only has 6 players on it, the team will forfeit their bar tab/prize if they were to become champions unless they can recruit the 7th player during the season.

Player Eligibility

NJCS is an adult coed sports league and all are welcomed to participate in as many leagues as they wish as long as they are 21 years of age or older. If a player will be turning 21 during the season then they will be allowed to participate. The participant will have to show proof of age at the first game. Please be prepared to show your ID if asked by a league manager. “ID is in my car” will always mean that you are not of age to management.

Team Names

NJCS shall have final say over all team name submissions.  Any name that NJCS deems inappropriate will not be allowed.

Game Day

All teams having the minimum amount of players required to start a game, should be ready to play at game starting time.  NJCS will give teams 10 minute grace period after the game starting time to field a team.  If a team is unable to field the minimum number of players required to play, then that team can still play for fun although it will count as a forfeit.


Rosters cannot be changed after the regular season has started for any sport except for injury and league abandonment as outlined below.  Each league may have different regulations as to when players may be added to the roster and when players can no longer be added, so be sure to check the rules for that respective sport.  Before or on week 6, if a player is hurt and cannot play for the rest of the season, then that player may be removed from the roster and replaced with another player.  Under no circumstances may the player who was removed play again during the season (including as a sub).  After week six, rosters may not be changed.


Subs can only be used to replace roster players that cannot make a game.  Ex. If your team has 15 players on the roster and two cannot make the game, then you can only have two subs which makes total of 15 players.  Only players on the teams’ roster are eligible to play; however subs maybe used for regular season games if they are checked in by an NJCS game coordinator and pay a sub fee.  All subs must also sign a waiver before being allowed to play. A sub can only participate a total of 3 times in a single season.  Please tell your subs to bring a shirt that is the same color as your team color.  If a team does not follow these rules and a sub is found to be playing in a game, then the sub will be removed and the team may be subject to forfeiture of the game.

Although you can bring in subs to help out throughout the regular season, a sub cannot participate at playoffs. The only way to make a sub part of the team after registration is closed is if he is replacing an original player that is part of that team’s line up and will not be coming back due to injury or other reasons. Once a player is removed from the roster in order to add another player, the original player can no longer return to that line up.  If a player wishes to exit the league or can no longer partake after the season has begun, no refunds will be given. The new incoming player will take the place of the outgoing player by paying a prorated fee for games left to include post season. A sub cannot be added to the line up or participate in games once post season has begun.  Subs can only compose a minority of the team.  In other words, you must have more roster players on the field then subs at all times.

Team / League Abandonment

If a player is a no-show for two games in a row and does not notify their team captain that they will miss the games, it will be assumed that they have abandoned the league and no longer wish to participate.  If a player abandons their team during the regular season, the team captain will have the option of replacing that player.  The replacement player will pay a pro-rated amount for the season as registration fees are not transferrable.  The player who is replaced will not receive a refund.

A team must notify NJ Coed Sports 12 hours prior if they will NOT be present at a scheduled game. If a team does not show up to a game or fails to properly notify the league that they will not be present when scheduled, it is considered league abandonment. Not showing up to a game without properly notifying the league (at least 12 hours prior) can cause another team to show up with no one to play against. This situation is not fair to anyone as we are all adults with busy lives and time is precious. This action will almost always result in a team being withdrawn from the league schedule with NO REFUNDS.

Team Minimum for Playoffs/Finals

In extenuating circumstances and because there is usually more males than females on a team, a team is permitted to have one less female short of minimum on the field / court for playoffs and finals. This team cannot fill the empty spot/s with male players. The total number of males on the field at one time will remain intact according to the sport and it’s specific rules. Please see field manager or commissioner for further explanation if needed.

This rule only applies to playoffs and finals and not regular season games.

Goalie: (Soccer Only)

A goalie can be added to the line up in the event that the current goalie is unable to play the position due to injury. Since this is a specialized position, a goalie can be added without necessarily removing the original goalie from the line up. Under no circumstances can the new incoming goalie play any other position on the field. The original goalie can play any other position on the field at any time.

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